The Best of Vangelis

Feb 26

Gli spartiti per pianoforte delle colonne sonore di Vangelis







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Hans zimmer – Sheet Music

Feb 23

Hans Florian Zimmer (German: born 12 September 1957) is a German film score composer and record producer. Since the 1980s, he has composed music for over 150 films. His works include The Lion King, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1995, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Thin Red Line, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Zimmer spent the early part of his career in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. He is the head of the film music division at DreamWorks studios and works with other composers through the company that he founded, Remote Control Productions,[1] formerly known as Media Ventures. His studio in Santa Monica, California has an extensive range of computer equipment and keyboards, allowing demo versions of film scores to be created quickly.[2]

Zimmer’s works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. He has received four Grammy Awards, three Classical BRIT Awards, two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award. He was also named on the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses, published by 

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Bill Boyd – Jazz Chord Progressions [Piano/Keyboard]

Feb 15

This book contains the chord progressions found in most jazz standards. Each progression is written with chord voicings which are indigenous to the style. The book is divided into two sections. The first section uses chord voicings with the root as the bottom note. This voicing is appropriate when playing with a jazz group where there is no bass player. Chord voicings with the third or seventh of the chord as the bottom note are the basis for section two. This voicing is useful when a bass player is present to provide the root movement. The same progressions appear in both sections. The study of this material will help prepare the player for fake book reading and comping with a group.



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100 Pop Hits Of The ’90s – Paperback

Gen 24

Voice, easy piano, voice, easy piano and guitar (chords only) – Easy Piano
Arranged by Dan Coates. Piano – Easy Piano Collection. 1990s and Pop. Songbook and songbook. With easy piano notation, lyrics, chord names, easy piano notation, chord names, fingerings, introductory text, vocal melody, lyrics, piano accompaniment, chord names and guitar chord diagrams.



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100 Of The Best Songs Ever! For Keyboard

Gen 24

A great collection of 100 all-time favourite hit songs arranged by Daniel Scott for all keyboards. Includes A Man And A Woman, Fever, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes plus many more.



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